Can Landscaping Increase Home Value?

With the increase of spending more time in our homes it’s only natural for us to want to extend into our gardens & make a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy with friends, family or even a tranquil space to relax on your own.

Landscaping can be costly sometimes, and this might make you wonder “Does the value of my home increase when I invest in landscaping it?” The answer is a big fat YES! Landscaping doesn’t only come with an instant price raise, but it also keeps on going higher as time passes. Yet, this isn’t a call to invest cash in any feature you see; some landscaping ideas can actually harm your home value.

How can Landscaping Increase Home Value?

Experts recommend investing around 10% of your home value in landscaping & that it can add up to 20% or more of the value of your home.

For instance, if you buy a home whose worth is £90,000 and invested £9,000 to improve its landscape, the home value isn’t £99,000, it actually is something around £108,000 and above.

So it’s clear to you now that gardens are an asset to your home but to receive such an increase, we recommend you take the following instructions into consideration while landscaping:

Invest in Low Maintenance Features: most homeowners aren't interested in managing their properties, simply because maintenance isn't something they enjoy. As a result, there’s a growing demand for properties that can be easily managed by one person most of the time. Some of the low maintenance features include artificial grass, patio, and decking.

Increase Privacy: features that increase privacy increase also the home value. So, invest in elements that seclude your property from traffic and neighbours. Fences for instance are a great aesthetic landscaping feature that increases backyards’ privacy and the whole property’s value.

Consider the First Impression when landscaping: first impression matters & lasts forever. So, use this fact as your leverage to design a landscape that attracts and soothes the eye from first sight. Cheshire Life Landscapes can help you come up with creative, low maintenance, and soothing designs for your landscape. Click here to book your free design quote today.

Things That May Harm Your Home Value:

Home value decreasing is the other facet of the landscaping coin. There are a few things you should never think about when landscaping your home in order to increase its value. Let’s discover some of these things:

Ponds & Water Features: water features create a unique vibe when used in a landscape. Ponds can attract different bird species and give you the chance to come up with a plethora of creative ideas. BUT these features usually need a lot of maintenance! So, unless you’re settling in it for a long time, don’t add a water feature to your home.

Concrete: concrete on the other hand is very practical and can be easily used in many landscaping features. Be it a patio or a driveway, once you use concrete in it, it will be so painful to get rid of it. And this might be a problem when you want to sell your home to someone who wants to make some adjustments.

Monotony: A great attractive landscape balances between order and chaos to create a unique display. So, avoid using the same element everywhere. This includes the use of very similar plants, colours, and predictable landscaping patterns. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from professionals at Cheshire Life Landscape.


Landscaping is a double-edged sword. Knowing how to use it will bring up to a 20% home value increase; and vice versa: it may decrease it! We believe this quick guide can help you identify good landscaping ideas in the future, but don’t hesitate to consult us by clicking this link here, if you need any extra help!


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