What Driveway Surface Is Best UK?

Unless you have a ready image in mind, choosing the best driveway surface would be a daunting and confusing process. But worry not! Cheshire Life Landscapes is here to help you make your mind & take care of building the best driveway ever. This is our list of the top 5 driveway surfaces in the Kingdom.

Cheshire Life Landscape Driveway

The Best Five Driveway Surfaces UK:

We will be starting from the cheapest option to the most expensive one. We are not relying on the aesthetics nor the durability of these materials. Yet we will extensively give a clear idea about the pros & cons of each of the materials.

  1. Gravel: A cheap option if you’re on a budget or plan to do some massive redesigning to your landscape in the near future. It’s probably the least attractive option on the list, but if its dark grey colour gives other landscape features the chance to stand out and get more attention. Positive feature of gravel is that it gives you a form of security from the sound it makes when you move across it. Good quality gravel will cost approximately somewhere around £750/£800 per 25m².

  2. Concrete: The best option if you fancy practicality & functionality over look and aesthetics. It’s just super durable and needs almost no maintenance or renewal. It’s also as cheap as gravel: the super basic ugly type starts at £875 per 25m², but you can upgrade to a way more appealing type, which is imprinted concrete, for £1300 per the same surface.

  3. Crazy Paving: They’re the isthmus where modernity overlaps with tradition. Its natural random grey shades feel super modern, but because they don’t follow any pattern or order, they feel more natural and anti-modern at the same time. In fact, the unpredictable pattern is what’s behind the paving’s name: crazy! Still, they aren’t the best option for a driveway, they’re more used in patios, but a lot of property owners use them simply because they cost no more than £1000 per 25m², do their job perfectly, and still appeal to the eye.

  4. Resin: Also available in two types to choose from: Resin Bound and Resin Bonded. If we are to disregard the cost, the main difference is that the bound one allows liquid to pass through it & it’s frost resistant; while the other type simply doesn’t and becomes loose over time. So even if permeability isn’t a big problem for you, frost is a serious thing in the UK. Therefore, we recommend you go for the bound one. Resin-bonded costs somewhere around £1100 to £1150 per 25m², whereas resin-bound goes slightly higher and starts at £1250 per 25m².

  5. Block Paving: If you look for all the above’s pros plus more, block paving is your ideal choice. Brick-like blocks in different colours are put together aesthetically. You are therefore free to maintain a minimalist driveway and use one colour or you can come up with an artistic design and use the bricks to make a beautiful design. Paving is also very durable and have a really long life span. Even if you happened to break one way or another, you can easily change that very brick using basic tools by yourself! The one con we could spot here is the high initial cost; it’s no less than £1500 per 25m.

There are, of course, a zillion more options available for you. But these are simply the ones that put the biggest smiles on the faces of Cheshire Life Landscapes clients. Feel free to reach out to us for a quote & more info about what’s available, and get ready to get a smile on your face as well! Click here to apply online.


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