Looking for a Local Landscaper/Garden Designer?

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Home improvements, no matter how small or basic, can refresh the display of your landscape and give it a different vibe. But even a small improvement needs a lot of planning and designing; more importantly, it needs good eye & skilled hands that can implement the vision and achieve the best results.

This makes finding a professional local landscaper or a garden designer the most important step in the whole home improvement journey. So, in this blog, we will tell you why you should choose Cheshire Life Landscapes over any other company!

How Did It All Start?

Calum the Director of Cheshire Life Landscapes has been in the field of landscaping since he was 12. He developed his skills working for various decking, fencing & landscaping companies building his skills & knowledge in the trade. His dad owned a long-standing driveway and patio building business, and Calum was helping him out and he loved how they make clients happy and how they react to Calum and his father’s handwork. This is Calum’s prime mover in all of this: the reactions and the smiles on the faces of Cheshire Life Landscapes’ happy clients.

Calum and his team started separately building their landscaping skills through different jobs following different paths and tried a plethora of different jobs and trades. But the love of landscaping connected their paths and pushed them to work together in their early 20s. They simply combined expert techniques in different trades, full design, and supply installation service in just two pairs of hands to build what is now Cheshire Life Landscapes.

Calum is now familiar with every imaginable tool; including plant machinery, groundwork, and he can also create beautiful things from scratch. They have been building decks for decades now, which creates a team of well-rounded polymaths who understand how a lot of things work. Now, in their mid-30s, the team devotes themselves and their expertise working on what they love and enjoy: Landscaping and Garden Designing.

What Services Do We Provide?

  • Patios & Driveways: Patios are simply our cup of tea. Calum’s been building patios and driveways for more than 20 years! He worked on transforming the display of countless landscapes and properties, and he’s only likely to get better at it every time! He can also come up with extremely creative & practical designs while considering each client’s unique expectations and aims.

  • Decking & Garden Structures: We have been building domestic & commercial decking at Cheshire Life Landscapes ever since day one. In fact, we are veterans with a growing appetite to come up with more creative designs and bring them to life in record time. Once you like one of the designs we suggest, you can sit back and watch your garden being transformed by our force.

  • Fencing & Gates: A pretty popular service in our industry is fencing & gates building. We’ve done it for many clients before, and we can do it for you as well! We use electronic augers to fasten the pace of production & we make sure all the fence posts are strong enough to stay there for decades to come.

  • Garden Designs: From A to Z, we will take care of everything regarding the design of your garden. You can simply tell us what exactly do you want, and we will surprise you with creative ideas that will not only surprise you on paper but also when it’s there for you to walk in.

  • Natural & Artificial Grass: Whether you’re a green thumb who enjoys growing plants and taking care of your garden or a busy person, we can install either artificial grass that needs almost no maintenance, or, we can install lively green grass. The choice is yours, the rest is on us! Also, if you’re into artificial grass, be aware that we’re partnering with Grass & Decks Warehouse to supply you with very high-quality and pets-friendly artificial grass.

  • Landscaping & Garden Maintenance: Maintenance is inevitable in most landscapes, especially those with trees, natural grass, and water features. While it would take you a lot of effort to maintain your garden by yourself, Cheshire Life Landscapes can take care of your space and keep the display aesthetically appealing.

So, no matter what you need, and no matter how complicated it may seem... your vision can definitely be achieved by our hands. We’ve got the enough experience and proficiency to give life to your ideas and wishes. Our team is armed with the latest tools and tricks to make the job as fast as possible, and the material we use is top notch!


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